The Pope and the signals in the sky

The Vatican is astonished, even embarrassed, for the trip to Africa, which has just ended, according to many believers out of touch with each other, have occurred in the sky phenomena similar to those recorded during the most famous apparitions of the past century, as Fatima and Tre Fontane. A relative of a bishop would have produced a video or photographic documentation of the event, which would have been delivered to the Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone.No days following the mass celebrated by Benedict XVI at the Stade de l'Amitie in Cotonou, to the Bishops from Benin took questions about the extraordinary phenomenon that allowed at 8 am, the 80,000 faithful present, see the sun and moon together, a rare event in Africa at that latitude, which caused great astonishment of the crowd, told reporters as the director of the Vatican press office, Father Federico Lombardi. Especially as many of the faithful also reported seeing the sun move and shine without overshadowing, so you can look at it for a long time without problems (even those who lowered their eyes and raised had no visual impairment).

A phenomenon interpreted by Africans as a prodigy by the presence of the Pope, but also disrupted the media and many bishops, because, by what we learned, was not an isolated incident, but was repeated at other times throughout the visit. Dom René-Marie Ehuzu, Bishop of Porto Novo, President of the Social Pastoral Commission of the Episcopal Conference of Benin, also responsible for organizing the papal visit in the country, told the AGI that "on Saturday afternoon, when the Pope on his way to the parish Santa Rita, on the outskirts of Cotonou, stopped to greet and bless the patients in the hospital located nearby, there was a similar phenomenon, so that the guests wanted to go to the hospital chapel for a prayer of thanksgiving. " For all three days of the visit - said the prelate - is testimony to similar events and photos taken with cell phones of witnesses, in some cases priests. Personally I can not give an explanation, but exclude that it is a phenomenon of mass hysteria. "" The moon is now very close to the sun (a little before dawn visible crescent), so it is impossible to see with the sun that is, when it is high in the sky. If it was visible, it is evident that the brightness of the sun was tempered, just as the witnesses say. There is a clear analogy with the many miracles associated with the solar apparitions of Our Lady, "said an expert turn on the blog" Amici di Papa Ratzinger "and that opened the discussion, the faithful Italians agree with their fellows in Africa other posts stating, in fact, that it was a miracle: "The Pope brought the light of Christ." "Without the protection and strength that comes from God, how could he overcome these six and a half of fierce attacks?" Asks Laura, and one anonymous comments, "Jesus tells us that the Kingdom of God is among us, and not says only in words but also through signs and wonders. God, with His divine intervention that calls us to hope for conversion. "

As you know, the "miracle of the sun" at Fatima occurred in the wake of Marian apparitions and again in Rome, at Tre Fontane. At the Cova da Iria, where the children prayed on October 13, 1917 - report chronicles - the sun appeared as an iridescent giant wheel, which revolved and radiated multiple colors. He stopped three times and then stand out of the sky seemed to rush over the land. An extraordinary phenomenon, similar to what happened in Portugal, was seen by thousands of faithful in Tre Fontane on April 12, 1947 and was repeated in 1968 and 1980 (while at Fatima one replica would have occurred in the last May 13). In Tre Fontane, the solar disk initially behaved like Fatima (except the phenomenon seem about to fall on the earth), but in a second stage took the color of a wafer, as if it were covered by a gigantic host. A private note of Pius XII published recently by the Vatican Andrea Tornielli witnessed a similar episode in the Vatican gardens, which in 1950 was played by Pius XII in his heart as a confirmation of the validity of the dogma of the Assumption of Mary, who was about to proclaiming it.


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