Mines receives the WYD Cross and Youth Icon of Mary

The mountains of Minas Gerais, with its friendly people and religious, are given in this month of November, the Cross of World Youth Day (WYD) and Icon of Our Lady. This is the first step of the pilgrimage of the two symbols of two Eastern Regional CNBB, with an itinerary that includes 21 of the 32 dioceses, beginning with Theophilus Otoni, on 1 November, and coming to São João del Rei, on November 29 .

On October 15 the journey from Minas Gerais will make a brief pause: the Cross and Icon will go to Aparecida (SP), to join the National Youth Pilgrimage. But the next day be back to change them. On day 19, Belo Horizonte is the second capital to promote the Faith Bote, the big party with young people and symbols. The first was on September 18 in São Paulo.

In December, it will be the third of the Northeast Region, which includes Bahia and Sergipe, receive the symbols.

The second stage of the pilgrimage of the Cross and Icon at 2 East Regional will be held in March 2013. This period will be visited the dioceses of the Southern Mines of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo.



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