Father Gabrielle Nanni said in an interview on Vatican exorcists

Fresh from a big ceremony of worship in Portugal, held in place of the miracle of Fatima, the exorcist Gabriele Nanni is eager to talk about their craft. Nanni is tall, slim, confident and beautiful. It has a large head with gray hair and a neatly trimmed beard to match. Are you 46 years.

Nanni is also well versed in the world of demons, a man for whom piety and intellectual knowledge can coexist. He can cite chapter and verse of each story of Satan in the Bible. Produces documentaries and frequent the conference circuit. And it is a star in the course of events such as exorcism at the Regina Apostolorum. When journalists have franchised the entry, usually surround him, firing the flashes of cameras in his face and sticking microphones under your nose. Many of the women journalists look at him almost with desire.

Nanni studied canon law in a pontifical university in Rome, has un doctorate in theology, he worked at Sacred Roman Rota (the highest court of the Vatican) and served on the committee studying whether a person can be declared a saint.

After moving a few years ago in Modena, a small town in northern Italy, he published his doctoral thesis on exorcism. "And from that moment changed my life 'he said," I'm constantly on the move'

Being much in demand means having less time to pray, Nanni tries to limit their practice to a small number of difficult cases, including a 35 year old woman, an accountant with important responsibilities in a commercial firm, which suddenly began to have attacks asthma like choking every time he tried to enter a church. His problems began when she was having an affair with the boss, who practiced black magic, Nanni said.
"We have to imagine a person possessed as a besieged city" Nanni said. "In an exorcism, through the prayers, the evil spirit weakens and loosens the grip. It's like an octopus tightly gripping an object, which, when it begins to fail, it will drop the object. But then begins to tighten it again. It is a persistent action until the octopus is definitely defeated and loose everything, and then the person feel a complete relief. "
Nanni is among those who tend to personify the devil. He says that today's theologians have committed a serious mistake by declaring extinguished the devil, an idea that leads Catholics to let their guard down.

"The devil is a person," says Nanni so provocative, challenging the prevailing teachings of the Church. "If we refer to a person as a philosophical concept, an entity, someone who has an identity, a way of thinking, an awareness ... God is a person. Three people, actually. An angel is a person. The devil is a person. God is a person. Human beings are people. Only the animals are not considered people. This is important because the New Age culture that the animal is seen as a mixture, and it weakens the concept of person '

There is only one person, but the devil is also very active. To confirm your point of view, Nanni cites the representation of Satan as a snake or serpent in the entire Bible - from the third chapter of Genesis ("Now the serpent was more crafty than any other wild creature ..."), when he led Eve into sin, until the last book of the New Testament, Revelation, when it is "that old serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world" (Revelation 12:9). John the Evangelist thus receives the title of "the killer originals'" The devil's goal is to reach anyone "says Nanni. "Your goal is not only ruin the life of man on Earth, but also take you through the suffering, despair and mortal mind sinning against God. The devil has an interest in all ordinary and extraordinary human beings'


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