God's heart is restless in search of the man, says Pope

Pope Benedict XVI presided over the celebration of Mass on the Solemnity of the Epiphany on Friday, 6, in St. Peter's Basilica.

The Pontiff said that you must have a restless heart, that is not satisfied with nothing less than God and thus becomes a person in love.

"We are not only we humans who live restless for God. Also God's heart is restless for the man. He waits for us. Come to our demand. He also does not rest until we have found.'s Heart God is restless, and that's why I was on his way up with us. [...] God is unsettled us, is looking for people who will be infected by this his concern, "he said.


IN FULL: Homily of Benedict XVI

The Bishop of Rome also stressed that the Epiphany is a feast of light. He said much was discussed about the type of star that guided the Magi. It is speculated that there may have been a conjunction of planets, a supernova - stars initially very weak, as a result of an internal explosion, radiates for a time an immense splendor - or a comet.

"Let the scientists continue this discussion. The big star, true Supernova that guides us is Christ himself. He is, so to speak, the explosion of God's love, which shines upon the world the great glow of your heart ".

For the liturgy, the path of the Magi from the East is only the beginning of a great procession continues along the entire story. With these men, opened the pilgrimage of humanity to Jesus Christ: towards the God who was born in a stable, who died on the cross and risen, stay with the men every day until the end of the world.

The image of the Magi was appointed by the Successor of Peter as a model in which to seek nominations for the exercise of episcopal ministry. They go ahead and inaugurate the way of people to Christ.

"In the words of Jesus, walking ahead of the herd is part of the role of Pastor. [...] Those who know God personally, and can lead others to God. And only those who guide people to God is that the guide the road of life, "he said.

But who were the Magi? According to Benedict, were men of science, but not only in the sense of wanting to know many things. "They wanted something more. They wanted to understand what account the fact of being human. They did not consider turning what was thought or said of them, even by the intelligent and influential people. For them what counted was the very truth, not opinion men. It was his humble courage that enabled them to prostrate themselves before a boy child of poor people and acknowledge him as the promised King, whose search and recognition outside the goal of your exterior and interior path ".


The Bishop of Rome points out that in all this, you can see some essential features of the episcopal ministry.

"And the Bishop must be a man of restless hearts. [...] Also the Bishop must be a man watchful heart that senses subtle language of God and discerning the truth of appearance. The Bishop must also be full of courage of humility. [...] You should be able to go ahead leading the way. And it must have the humility to bow before the God who became so concrete and so simple that contradicts our foolish pride, who does not want God so close and small. must live worship of the Son of God made man, indicates that worship him without ceasing the way. "

The fundamental characteristics of the episcopal ministry are: the Gospel of Jesus Christ, guard the sacred deposit of our faith, go ahead and guide, mercy and charity to the needy and the poor which is reflected in the merciful love of God to us, and finally, continuous prayer.

"The continual prayer means never losing touch with God, letting ourselves be touched by Him forever in the depths of our hearts and thus be filled with his light. [...] This was the mission of the Apostles: to welcome the concern of God man and bring God Himself to men. And in the footsteps of the Apostles, this is your mission: to let you play for the restlessness of God, so that the yearning of God for man can be satisfied. "

The Mass

The celebration presided by the Pope at the Vatican took place at 9:30 am (Rome time - at 6:30 a.m. GMT).

Priests John Charles Brown, Titular Archbishop of Aquileia elected and appointed Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland, and Marek Solczyński elected Titular Archbishop of Caesarea in Mauritania and appointed Apostolic Nuncio in Georgia and Armenia were the priests who received episcopal ordination along the Santa Mass.

Concelebrated with the Holy Father, Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, SDB, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal William Joseph Levada, and the two bishops elected.

The rite of ordination took place soon after the proclamation of the Gospel and the proclamation of Easter Day, which this year is celebrated on April 8.


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