Recovery Programs and Human Promotion

Hundreds of people go to the Community Boanerges in search of an answer to their hearts tired, angry, frightened, full of rejections, hurts, resentments and other ailments that cause them great pain and physical problems, emotional and spiritual.

Thus, our Lord Jesus Christ, inspired by our founder Washington Andrade da Silva, who perform at the House of Recovery "Recovery Programs Human."

As these programs are being made?

Anyone in any part of Brazil, who wants a conversion in our Lord Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith believes can receive spiritual guidance and monitoring of Community Boanerges.

Simply contact us and schedule.


You are a person who needs healing and deliverance?
1 - Are you afraid of being alone, leave home, drive a car or take a trip?

2 - Do you feel different or out of place when you're with other people?
3 - Do you neglect your chores much sleeping, feeling constantly tired and without energy?
4 - Have you ever attempted suicide or seriously thought of doing it?
5 - You need tranquilizers or other drugs (affecting the mind) to get through the day?
6 - Are you an activist? Assumes more responsibility than they can?
7 - You have an attitude of all or nothing?
8 - You live in tense, unable to relax and can not sleep?
9 - Anxiety, tension, worry affecting your work?
10 - Do you feel misunderstood?
11 - Do you feel that other people are watching you as you work or when you're in public?
12 - Do you think your marriage is in danger?
13 - Do you have sexual problems?
14 - For you, life is meaningless?
15 - You're so angry that he loses control?
16 - You always panics when under stress?
17 - You keep crying?
18 - Do you ever feel guilty?
19 - Do you suffer from depression?
20 - Do you have constant nightmares and insomnia?
21 - You have delusions of persecution?
22 - Do you feel a person damned?
23 - Their businesses are not going well?

If you answered YES to any of these questions is quite likely that you need inner healing and deliverance.

Programs that are already happening:
Healing in pregnancy
The healing of traumas in life stages
The healing of the self-image
The cure of stress


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