Consecration to Mary

Consecration to Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Wisdom, through the hands of the Virgin Mary
This consecration of slavery is to deliver everything to Mary, so that it fully available to us and govern everything that we receive from God.

Who is consecrated to Mary as a slave, all that thinks, says and does belong to Mary, for all that she possessed the will and the greater glory of her Son (Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, 124) . No one better than the mother to take us and show all our good works to his son as best as possible. When our works are in first place, through Mary, they are strengthened in and through deserts.
Pope John Paul II also made ​​this consecration. If you pay attention to the motto he chose to write in your coat, you will find "TOTUS TUUS", ie YOU ALL. And that's why he loves the phrase "Totus tuus ego sum​​, Maria, et omnia mea sunt your" - I'm all yours, Mary, and all that is mine is yours.

"Thanks to St. Louis de Montfort Grignion understand that true devotion to the Mother of God is, rather, Christocentric, indeed, is very deeply rooted in the Trinitarian mystery of God, and those relating to the Incarnation and Redemption" (John Paul II Crossing the Threshold of Hope, Rio de Janeiro, Francisco Alves, 1994, ch. 32, p. 195).
Four stages of consecration
    St. Louis suggests the preparation in 33 days as follows:
  1º) Twelve days to detach themselves from the Spirit World.
  2º) One-week to familiarize himself.
  3º) A week to meet the Blessed Virgin.
  4º) A week to know Jesus Christ.
    The suggested preparatory period may vary according to circumstances and personal needs, but it is essential that this preparation is done responsibly.
How do the consecration
1º) Read carefully and responsibly "to the Treaty of true devotion to the Blessed Virgin" of St. Louis Mary Grio de Montfort.
2º) After the study of the book mentioned above used for preparation:
"The Golden Book" of Pe. Luiz Carlos Lodi da Cruz
"Consecration to Mary According to the method of St. Louis Grignion de Montfort"of Don Antonio Maria Alves de Siqueira
3º) Consecrate themselves as the steps shown below.
The Day of Consecration
Eucharistic Consecration
The day of consecration must be a party Mariana naturally driven by the desire of Our Lady which may or may not coincide with the day chosen by you.

On this day you must go to confession, attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Communion in the intention to give Jesus Christ in the form of a slave for love, through Mary.

The prayer of consecration must be written on this day by hand and signed, and will be presented at the time of the Eucharistic celebration.

During the offertory, is recited before the altar of consecration formula that should already be writing his own handwriting and signed by you. A priest acknowledges his consecration will follow and this should also sign your document at the time of consecration of thanksgiving.

St. Louis suggests that the day of consecration to make an offer to Our Lady as a sign of slavery to Jesus and her. This offer will also serve as reparation for past sins by infidelity to the vows of baptism.

It can be a fast, a mortification, an alms, a candle, anything of this genre do, but it is with much love and devotion, according to the conscience and heart of every one.

Tip: In addition to the mortification, fasting, penance or any other, also offer this material as a flower, candle, a basket of food to needy people in the name of Mary.

St. Louis claims that "all those who do so and those slaves of Jesus and Mary, who use some chains of iron", or something that symbolizes the enslavement of the faithful. As suggestions of signals, has been the use of the rosary, medal of Our Lady of thanks on chains or bracelets, rings, etc..
Spiritual consecration
This kind of dedication is for anyone who has not a priest who can accompany you in the process of consecration.

One should therefore follow all the steps above has not, however, the letter signed by the priest.
After the consecration
After the consecration begins to rest on Mary, for now all that is yours is it. She will take care of you, she will take care of everything.

There are countless records of people who lived very much safer and the path of holiness, through this consecration.
What is the purpose of recognition within the charisma Boanerges?
The charism of our community that focuses consecration to Jesus through Mary, what she can bring healing and deliverance to someone who does.

We St. Louis Grignion de Montfort as one of the stalwarts of our community. When we live the Marian spirituality, and we see this, one way to achieve deep levels of freedom for those who live, which is not achieved in other practices of devotion. That sure is seen in the words of St. Louis: "The most terrible enemy that God was against the devil is Mary, His Holy Mother
How to be a consecrated to Jesus through Mary's Community Boanerges
1º) Read the book "Totus Tuus - Manual of Consecration to Jesus through Mary" Mara Lucia Figueirêdo Vieira de Carvalho and César Augusto Saraiva de Carvalho and do the 33 days of spiritual exercises.

2º) Read carefully and responsibly "The Treaty of true devotion to the Blessed Virgin"of St. Louis Grignion de Montfort.

3º) Participate in training specific to the consecration.

4º) Attending the meeting where the consecrated write the letter of entrustment of the wrist before the Blessed Sacrament.

5º) Participate in the Solemn Mass of consecration.

Note: The consecration takes place in the Community Recovery House Boanerges Montes Claros/MG, and in Brasilia de Minas/MG.
See the schedule of consecration which will take place in the Community Boanerges and their formations

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